Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Jewellery Party No 2

So a couple of Tuesday's ago I hosted my 2nd jewellery party.  I thought I wouldn't as nervous as the first time.....but I was, perhaps it was due to the fact I had to give a little speech to introduce my products and advise how the party was going to work.

So before everyone arrived I set up my little table....and this is how it looked:

I was pleased with my products and just hoped there was enough variety for everyone.....and that everyone liked it!!

I'm always astounded how much of a buzz I get off doing these events as it's so nice to receive such lovely feedback and see which items sell well.  There's always one outstanding winner!  Funny thing was my bestsellers at this party were completely different to my first party, but then again, it was a different age group.

Here were some of my best sellers on the night

So after a very successful night and lots of custom orders to make for the weeks to come I sat down and enjoyed a glass of vino amongst some friends.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came that night and obviously a big thank you to the host!  Here's to the next jewellery party.

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